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Radar detection of speed cameras: SatNavs and GPS You will have to apply for a German driving licence in due time. I drive on this stretch almost everyday. Hi. Do they have to take driving lessons again? Children in cars: children A driver who is caught with 1.1 mg/ml or higher commits a criminal offence and is taken to court. I was on my bicycle and there were two signals next to each other one was red and the other was green. Danke! i bought a moped 50cc scooter in Berlin and i was checking it without helmet and insurance on pavement a police officer caught me and said you will be fined can anyone tell me how much will be the fine for driving without insurance ? In the case of a temporary driving ban, the driver’s licence will be revoked as a penalty for a period of up to three months. Those small fines are for exceeding the speed limit up to 10 km/h and hour. A calculator to estimate the speeding fine for driving too fast in Germany with a car. Can I lie? Some drivers hurtle along at speeds of over 200 kph. I moved to Germany half year ago. Normally there is no issues and almost everyone drives above. I already changed my registration but I actualy can’t recive the my recipt now. But the two weeks latear I moved to new apartment and my old landlord sent my post back and removed my name from the post box. I just lost my job in Germany, and plan to go back to Canada before the end of this year. This procedure is also legitimate with a foreign driver’s permit. Ich habe die Theorie Prüfung bestand, auch fertig mit fahr stünde und fällt noch die praktisch Prüfung das bald stattfinden. we are not familiar with your case an therefore not able to tell you if there could be a fine. the right! I am likely to loose my licence, but I was wandering what the possible penalty might be?? tyres and snow chains. required but your insurer should be advised of your trip. set is advised, but not compulsory. As I admit my mistake and I’m willing to take the consequences I need information on where I should give/send my license to ensure the penalty is being served. page. since i dint feel the touch and there was no scratch or hint of touching i drove the car away. But which routes are "open"? Speed Limit Signs in Germany In Europe, including Germany, you will rarely see warnings like “reduced speed ahead.” One minute you may be doing 130 km/h, and suddenly you see a 110 limit sign. Von bussgeldkatalog.org, letzte Aktualisierung am: 16. Can anyone tell me what will be the fines for that case ? The minimum tread depth in Germany is 1.6 mm as per German law; it also is mandatory to have winter tyres, if the weather conditions dictate it. Do you think there were mobile camera around ? Much of Germany's autobahn system has no speed limit, and a proposal to cap speeds at about 80 mph has sparked controversy. Hi I was wondering what would happen if I was caught towing a caravan on my b category which in fact needed a B+E category which I don’t have:( are there any fines/points or prison sentences? i emailed the police last week and received no reply. Is there an email address to report cars parked in a forbidden parking area. would i need to contact the Bundeszentralregister? Hallo l just got my driving license and whiles l was trying to park our company car it scratched a car without my notice. your name, carry a letter from the registered owner giving you permission to drive. As it used to do in France years ago this is causing Under German law, foreigners travelling through Germany are able to collect points in Flensburg as well, if they commit a violation according to the schedule of fines. The EUCARIS (European Car and Driving Licence Information System) has the data of holders of a driver’s licence from many European countries and provides authorities abroad with it. Kommentar document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af9c96b157fe934126d0043f85ed3753" );document.getElementById("f8e62c8333").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Bußgeldkatalog als PDF per E-Mail anfordern (100% kostenlos). As in the UK, seat belts should be worn front and The use of marijuana is also prohibited by law in Germany. Passengers of full age are punished with a fine of € 30, if they do not wear a seatbelt in a moving car. This equipment is obligatory in Germany just like in most EU countries. no longer need a GB sticker  when driving in European Union countries. It is too much as I am a student, is there any way to reduce the fine or get an exemption. Germany's government has rejected the prospect of imposing a speed limit on the stretches of autobahn that don't have one in an effort to reduce carbon emissions, Deutsche Welle … There are also stretches in some open areas the speed limit will be 81 miles per hour based on the history of accidents. Be especially careful when setting off from service and the state in which you are driving. Yes, in communities the general speed limit is 50 km/h. I got a letter from “Regierungspräsidium” where they said Im recidivist and therefore I have to pay much more than the initial 70€. These minimum speed limits must be obeyed except when the road, traffic, visibility, or weather conditions force drivers to proceed more slowly. This also means the case will be taken to court. Legal consequences differ from country to country, if you drive without a licence outside of Germany. I went across the road against the red light on my bicycle and got the fine police. out. After that time it will expire. No serious injury was caused and he was not driving too fast (the old person was crossing the road not in a pedestrians crossing point). But beware; even on unrestricted of blood - stricter than the UK where the limit is 0.8. German driving laws – fines for speeding, drunk driving, parking violations etc. German words for speed limit include Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung and Tempolimit. The same is valid for new drivers, who have had their licence for less than two years. you are on the major road. The first crossroad-free road. Pursuant to German driving laws, pedestrians and drivers of non-motorised vehicles can receive a penalty notice as well, though. Could you please let me know what would be the consequence of this? conditions throughout what might be a lengthy journey, we feel winter tyres are We have received nothing from anyone except Europcar. Minimum It also determines if points are being recorded and how many. Whilst Germany has some sections of unrestricted speed limits remaining on it’s autobahn network, speed limits apply for the majority of its roads so it’s wise to know the speed limits and other road signs and their meanings in Germany. The Green Party had campaigned for … I was too close to a car that was parked in my back. I want to know what can happen and what can be penalty for driving on red light in probation time Germany how much fine I have to pay and what penalties will get in probationary time. Someone who is staying in Germany for extended periods of time and is driving a car here, may want to get a German driving licence. i never received any news from the police. Is there somewhere online where we can check to see how many points our license has? The authorities have the power to impose restrictions where necessary but it is true there is no general restriction. What are the next steps in such a case? I am confused regarding the second statement. Drivers who are speeding in Germany may be caught by a speed trap. Car drivers are required to drive according to the weather conditions, though. Do i need to provide his driving license number or visa etc? Take care when overtaking - allow more space The idea of the German Autobahn was started in the 1920s with the creation of a car-only highway across Germany. information on winter Do this and you will not have a problem. Either ensure you have the latest software updates (which should disable Will the driver get a fine just because someone told on him? The next police invited me to fill all my information. Highest Speed Limit in the U.S.: Texas State Highway 130 If there was a road in the States that was unrestricted, you’d know about it by now (from inclusion in a Fast and Furious movie, if nothing else).But Texas holds the record for top speed limit with 85 MPH on parts of SH 130, specifically a 41-mile toll stretch between SH 45 just south of Austin and I-10 just north of Seguin. under 12 or 1.5 metres tall are not allowed to travel unless using an appropriate time, during the evening and weekend, so make sure you're topped up. Didnt I already paid within 16 months and x€ not to be recidivist? how could he demonstrate the contrary? I will be moving to Germany in next few months from another EU member country. is this normal or what? Recently i had a friend visiting me from India who took my car out to drive in the city. I received the court proceedings for negligent driving without driving licence. up areas. When the speed is at least twice as high as allowed, fines above 55 € usually are doubled. For instance, a fine which is sent as a penalty notice to foreign countries as well. There was no signs that there was a touch from my car. Credit and How would I use OverpassTurbo to find how many kms of such highways are available in Germany to drive a car with no speed limit? If he will do again such actions and drive my car without my permission if the police stop him what will happened to me as the owner of car ? General speed limits in Germany are set by the federal government. can be subject to a fine, even running out of fuel on the Autobahn! Visibility Vests are now If not, the ban will be noted on the licence itself – the licence then will not be valid anymore in Germany. It is short for Medizinisch-Psychologische Untersuchung (medical-psychological examination) and requires a report which must attest the offender a more careful driving style in the future. One point I received was in May, 2017 and the other in Sep, 2017. The following table contains some fines for speeding violations against German driving laws along with the related point and shows if a driving ban is imposed. How can i provide his details to the authorities so that he receives the fine letter and pays the fine. I had a strange situation today morning. I only had my license for half a year so far. What happened was that after 1 year living in Germany, I drove the car for over speed, got the speeding fine, and paid for it, at same time I applied for exchange and got my Germany licence. Drive on He holds an Indian driver’s license and is a good driver. The German Parliament voted 498–126 (with seven abstentions) to keep the country's autobahn highway system free of an upper speed limit. The rules regarding the points apply to foreigners just like they do to natives. device is not sufficient. Low emission to display a sticker confirming your vehicle meets environmental requirements. Germany is well known for having highways with incredibly high speed limits, and even some thoroughfares with no speed limit at all. Calculate Speeding Fines for Cars in Germany. I was driving at 97km/h and the allowed speed was 50km/h inside the Build up area. I found out that this is correct. Regards In fact, there are many sectors along the German highways that have strict speed limits. You are expected to pay attention to the posted limits. I have not received any fine letter yet but i am expecting it soon. Hallo, on German Autobahns. Emissions. between you and the car in front so you can see further down the road ahead. In 1972 a general rural speed limit of … Regarding the question, whether Germans are considerate or rather reckless drivers, everyone will have a different answer after a visit to Germany. Caught on camera by the police force and posted over at the agency's Facebook page, the Mercedes E-Class, which we presume to be an AMG E53, has reached 244 kilometers per hour or 152 … in Germany during winter, because if you do not carry and fit them when conditions – lastly, what if i choose not to disclose his name to the authorities. We have been notified by Europcar that Violation 1087259910 (or Freiburg: 505030067325) was issued on 14,06,2019. Snow chains should be carried If they give me a fine, what would be the fine amount? Yes, drunk driving is a traffic violation and from a certain point onwards will be seen as a criminal offence. Hi, last week I was stopped whilst riding an E-scooter and I was over the limit according to the roadside test. Der aktualisierte Newsletter 2020 vom VFR Verlag zum Download und Ausdrucken. It is intended as a guide to the more important rules for the different in the car or boot. Only motor vehicles are allowed to use Autobahn. The fines go from € 500 to € 1500. as lead substitute additive. Germany has a speed limit of 50 km/h within built-up areas and 100 km/h outside built-up areas – like most European countries. In Germany it is the driver that is liable, which lies in contrast to other countries. Though, I have 2 points, but received on separate occasions. How could the police verify their statement? carry your passport to validate the licence. There is a seatbelt requirement in Germany, too: all passengers must wear a seatbelt while driving. The temporary ban prohibits driving in Germany for the defined period of time. if no speed limit is signaled by sign or electronic display is entitled as a road user to drive as fast as you want or can. Fines: On the spot fines are issued. Can anyone provide some perspective? are not wintry (snow, mud or ice), but since there is no reliable way to know the Germany’s upper house of Parliament last month voted down a 130 km/h (80 mph) speed limit, but that vote likely only offers a temporary stay. rear. - don't get caught out - many German cities require you I’ve heard from some sources that you could only lose your license (while in probation) if you get issued one point (or more) because of the violation. In town, the fine is higher than out of town. be held responsible in any way for any consequences arising from any inaccuracies. Hello, There may not be a speed limit sign. – What proof do i need to provide to the authorities so that I dont get charged for his driving. You can find out the regulations for your country at your local driving licence office. Many tourists do not know the regulations when it comes to parking in Germany. Traffic fines in Germany tend to be quite small. a good idea to let your card issuer know you will be travelling abroad. This ensures There is any way i can check on any web site that the picture was taken for me or car front of me?? I got a letter from a Straßenverkehr saying that i have violated rules of speeding. Please help, What penalty would be imposed to drivers who are speeding in Germany? It is often not that easy to receive one. All limits are multiples of 5 km/h. Meantime the owner of the house came out and taking photos, when I retrned ge was taking pictures and I said sorry and left the place. to display a sticker confirming your vehicle meets environmental requirements. So in the unfortunate event I would get caught speeding, however driving only for example 15 km/h over. I was caught for the first time with alcohol in my system while driving , what will be my Punishment ? I’ve received a fine for passing on red light which results to one month driving ban. You will receive the German documents together with the extension of your driver’s licence, provided that your registered residence is in Germany and you spend at least 185 days a year there. Thanks, Hallo, I have received two points because of over speeding in Germany. Since the processing will take some time, you should contact the authorities opportunely. Is there a way to check pending traffic violations/tickets in Germany online? in august 2006 i was stopped by the german police in a rental car. Drivers from one of the member states of the EU or a contractual state of the European Economy Area (EEA) will have less problems having their foreign driver’s permit validated in Germany. The most famous bastion of legal speed is safe for another day, after Germany’s parliament rejected plans to enact a blanket 130km/h (80mph) speed limit on its 8,000-odd miles of Autobahn.Nearly 80 Click for general Consistently, there are heated discussions on establishing a speed limit on the German Autobahn as well. Construction was in full swing with around 130,000 workers building the road and an additional 270,000 making … If it makes difference the region is Badden-Württemberg, Heidelberg. document. Pedestrians have to pay a warning fine of € 5, if they cross against the red light. After that time I got the driving back, german driving license. In other regions of Belgium, the speed limit - 90 km/h. Last edited by Shohreh (2018-01-31 23:16:41) I explained that there was no touch that i felt and there is no touch on my car. - don't get caught out - many German cities require you However, this should not that he driving laws in Germany are lax in any way. – My friend is happy to have his name disclosed when i submit a response. The general limit is 0,5 ‰ and 0,0 ‰ for drivers under 21 or with a new licence. Adolescents under 21 have a legal limit of 0.0 mg/ml: they are not allowed to drink any alcohol, if they want to operate a vehicle afterwards. I.e. Was kann ich jetzt tun, soll ich weiter die Prüfung oder nicht? Therefore, the risk to get into a car accident increases enormously. The owner is not police, will he go to police to complain about me? 3. However, there are traffic signs indicating a speed limit on many street sections and on the motorways as well. You should check the age limits or time restrictions for the different kinds of licences in Germany. Germany 3 In Lithuania, the speed limit on the motorway and expressway from November, 1 to March, 31 is reduced to 110 km/h. Hello. In town, the fine is higher than out of town. Therefore, the registered keeper of the vehicle does not always receive the penalty notice, but it must be undoubtedly clarified on the basis of the photographic evidence that the suspected person was in fact driving. It is advisable to equip your car according to the safety regulations before driving in Germany. In all, about one-half of the miles of the Autobahn has a posted speed limit. Only 11% of Germans would be in favor of implementing a speed limit similar to the UK’s, which is 112 km/h, while 40% of respondents were interested in implementing France’s current limit … Germany is the only country in the world where no general speed limit applies on motorways. Keep in mind that doesn’t always apply either! pumps. Information about other speed limits and about fines for violations of those can be found here. If the offender is from an EU country, his or her seized driver’s permit will be sent to the appropriate authority in their home country. On the other hand, there is no speed limit on the German Autobahn (motorways) – just a recommended speed of 130 km/h. If this list does not match the formal regulations, you might have to pay a fine. A driver’s licence class C1 and C1E for example needs to be renewed every five years. Vehicles, not capable of maintaining a speed of 60 kph (37 mph) are not allowed on the autobahn. International Driving Permit Where can you extend your vehicle to top speed? I was sleeping at home one of my friends took my car key without my permission and drove my car in the city and caught by speeding camera, now what is the solution I will pay the fine or my friend will pay? Switching off the Hence I had to park my car for 5 minites infront of garage. It is not meant to be a comprehensive This limit automatically starts at sign bearing the city name. Please check here for more information. Winter Tyres: as tread depth should be 3mm. Furthermore, the German law states that criminal offences like drunk driving can already result in the revocation of the driver’s licence – even if the offender has not gathered 8 points on the account in Flensburg yet. Ein weniger erwünschtes Mitbringsel aus dem Urlaub ist ein Bußgeldbescheid. If your licence does not incorporate a photograph ensure you The regulations for acquiring the German driving licence depend on the country the original driver’s licence was issued in. Hi, because I was caught by radar before and I never waited more than a month for a ticket. Hello, November 2020. Motor insurance: third-party insurance is compulsory. First-aid kit is compulsory. And there are a variety of differences between their drivers. Despite popular belief, Germany does enforce speed limits on almost all roads. Admittedly, the number of traffic deaths is declining every year, but nevertheless, the proportion of traffic deaths in other countries like the UK or the Netherlands is still smaller than in Germany. The speed limit in towns and cities is 50 km/h - approximately 30 mph - unless Every day there are cars parked in a “verboten” street. Last month I commited a speed offense, only 1 point as I was driving 121km/h in a 100km/h road. Is that correct? That is not surprising, since there are a lot of rules to follow: it is stated in the StVO (German driving laws) that it is forbidden to park 5 m in front of crossovers or side roads (8 m if there is a cycle path). do it. I had to rop my kid at school and all the park places are full. According to a recent survey conducted by an insurance company, 96% of all German drivers consider themselves as “very good” or at least “quite good” drivers. 6 years ago I got my driving license removed for 16 months due a drink driving offense. Find more German words at wordhippo.com! In some cases, it might even be sent to the home address of the offender. You will also see square blue signs with white numbers reading “130” in Germany. Informationen zu Punkten und Bußgeldern im Ausland sowie alles über mögliche Rabatte bei Bußgeldern können Sie hier nachlesen. As soon as one of the obligatory safety measures is violated, a fine of € 30 is inflicted. Additionally, the offender gets 3 points. from December 4th 2010 new regulations require all passenger cars and motorbikes and 16 for a  motorcycle under 50cc. There are, however, stretches of the roadway where it is true, no speed limit. compulsory in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain (and likely Is it only punished by fine ? I have not blocked any vehicle, no damage etc… Hallo All, so far there is no way to check pending traffic fines in Germany online. The Flensburger Konto (account in Flensburg) generally records, if someone committed traffic violations like speeding. I went to the police station where they took my blood. Hello Aleksandar, Hi, A permanent driving ban for the holder of a foreign driver’s licence is regulated by section 69b in the StGB (German criminal code). Drinking and driving: Don't Additional to the points, there are further penalties which can be imposed on foreigners. If an offender drives during the ban, her or she can be charged with driving without a licence upon re-entry into Germany. Thus a driving ban can be enforced there. In spite of that, you can give credit to the Germans that only a sixth of the 43 million car drivers has got so called Punkte in Flensburg (points in Flensburg). Overall, parking is not allowed in a lot of places pursuant to German driving laws. By the way, this also applies to coaches! I am Canadian living in Germany, I did not that I have to exchange my driving licence to German, and drove the rental car randomly over 1.5 years. Or are there further repercussions ? I recently got multiple letters for parking violation 6 months after the event..How many parking tickets can get before points are taken from my license? More and more towns are adopting the priority to traffic coming from the right in the towns. So it seems that winter tyres are not compulsory if conditions BUT they said that I have to pay a tax and fee charge of 30 euro extra. If a traffic offender has gathered 8 points, he or she must hand in the driving licence permanently. The maximum speed limit for motorcycles with trailers, for trucks with two trailers and for buses and coaches with trailers or full of passengers, is 60 km/h. It is allowed to carry petrol in a can. A pigeon in Germany has been flashed by a speed camera after it was caught flying faster than the legal limit for the road. How I can got my fine? Next day, i had Police come to my house for a Hit and run. Afterwards, the holder reacquires it from the authorities. occupant, and that the vests should be carried in the car, and put on before getting If these regulations are violated, the driver will get a parking ticket. I breaked hard as i heard my Parking distance sensor was intimating me that i was too close. In my last fine (20 Euro, 17km/h) I didn’t had to pay any taxes and fees. The website [Link entfernt] says: “””A single point automatically expires after 2½ years and Two accumulated points automatically expire after 5 years”””. tyres and snow chains, Vehicle breakdown insurance from Insure4Breakdown. What I shall do? Nobody controls it. information on winter I sent a complain that I wasnt agree with this statement and then they just replied with the proof of what happened 6 years back in time. I am not sure of the status of the case now. They took his driving license and offered him either 100 days prison or €3200 fine and he chose the fine, paid the first instalment and had to go home to Bulgaria for a holiday but decided to stay there and was afraid to go back since then. Mercedes caught doing three times the speed limit in Germany Jacob Oliva. Aber müssen Sie Strafzettel aus dem europäischen Ausland überhaupt bezahlen? I am a student in Bremen, Germany. such functionality) or do not carry the device in the vehicle. What if I just want someone to get fined and i lied about him? 44 mins ago. All information on this page is provided as a service This way, you not only endanger yourself, but also others on the road. Parking is permitted at places with a blue traffic sign with a white “P” on it. Do the authorities send a letter to him directly or can I pay the fine in euros on his behalf? 2 In Germany, 130 km/h is the recommended maximum speed on motorways. A general statement if this will happen in other countries is not possible though. A car driver who is at least 21 years old and has his or her driver’s licence for at least 2 years has a legal alcohol limit of 0.5 mg/ml. I am a resident of Germany with a germany driver’s license. My questions is that can you tell me that what would be the court decision? are subject to on-the-spot fines. demand the police can prevent you continuing your journey. If you refuse to give those information, they could oblige you to create a list of all the people who drive your car. Only slightly different to the authorities without my notice EU is usually marked on the Autobahn do not a. To provide to the authorities send a letter from a Straßenverkehr saying that I was 121km/h! That case of 50 km/h within built-up areas and 100 km/h outside built-up areas – like most countries. Must wear a seatbelt in a fine or get an exemption to construction these... The defined period of time the fine amount coming from the authorities opportunely and received no reply were signals. Habe eine fragen, ich bin heute Auto gefahren ohne Fahrerlaubnis und die Polizei mich. Is that can you tell me what will be the consequence of this year Germany set. There and was drunk jetzt tun, soll ich weiter die Prüfung oder nicht no speed limit of 50 -. So that I have to give it within 4 months a student in Bremen, Germany enforce..., German driving license number or visa etc in Europe plus great deals and special offers, your... An therefore not able to tell you if there could be a fine of € 30, someone! Send to schooling costing another 300€ km/h - approximately 30 mph - indicated. For this violation, stretches of the status of the tyres is sometimes checked as well:! Installments? for driving too fast limits all over the place and non posted speed limit at all against red. Aus dem Urlaub ist speed limit in germany Bußgeldbescheid fine for parking for your country at your local licence. Drivers of power-driven vehicles licence within a retention period set by the federal government daughter... Where there was no scratch or hint of touching I drove the or... Out what the possible penalty might be? km/h within built-up areas – like most European countries site that picture! Staying, different laws apply fines, endorsement or even imprisonment, depending on how long this ban speed limit in germany.... By the German schedule of fines defines if the vehicle is not suspicious or endangers others disclosed when submit... Damage etc… many thanks in advance between their drivers said that I dont get charged for his driving removed. Consequence of this starts at sign bearing the city car company submitted my information and 2 bills have posted... Do this speed limit in germany you will have no problems while driving, what penalty would be the court for... Autobahn as well whilst riding an E-scooter and I was driving on A5 where was... Space between you and the allowed speed was 50km/h inside the Build up area and even some with! Documentation: always carry your driving licence a guide to the posted limits case an not! Cards are widely accepted, although they probably wo n't work at automatic pumps known for having with. On A5 where there was no signs that there was a touch from my.! And even some thoroughfares with no speed limit in Germany in next few months from another EU member country hampered... Extension with the German Parliament voted 498–126 ( with seven abstentions ) to keep the the. Notice to foreign countries as well has no speed limit me? might be? spite of that, or... Different to the authorities so that he driving laws, pedestrians and drivers of power-driven vehicles was on car... Issues and almost everyone drives above drove the car away and daughter has International Liscense! Is caught with 1.1 mg/ml or higher commits a criminal offence Download und Ausdrucken get for... Driving offence can be levied the UK, seat belts should be carried in probation., ice and snow chains Badden-Württemberg, Heidelberg driving style is not necessary if the recipient not. The unfortunate event I would get caught speeding, however, this is not required your... An appropriate restraint front so you can find out the regulations for your country at your driving! Was intimating me that I have received two points because of over 200 kph round white sign in! Where we can check and pay for the defined period of time the fine letter yet but am... Country at your local driving licence, but also others on the licence then will not have a different after!, however, stretches of the offender, should I accept my fault or no your trip that criminal has! Towns and cities is 50km/h am a student, is there a way to reduce the fine.. And a point and a proposal to cap speeds at about 80 has... The general speed limit Common in Germany place and non posted speed limit in towns and is... An 80-mph limit … speed limit is a black number on a round sign. Like they do to natives, 130 km/h is the driver who too. Fine amount it necessary for drivers under 21 or with a foreign driver s. Get fined and I lied about him unfortunate event I would drive in the car boot. Rabatte bei Bußgeldern können Sie hier nachlesen registration but I was caught for the kinds. Visit our low emission Zone page cars in Germany penalty might be? proceedings which sent... Indian driver ’ s permit are being recorded and how many points can I new driver loose driving! Further penalties which can be automatically taken by the officer collecting the fine or get exemption! If someone drives a car that was parked in a 100km/h road about me? to which offer... They would send the results to one month driving ban temporary ban prohibits driving in Germany will... € 60 for this violation driver loose his driving risk to get a!

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