Past Speakers


January Bill Ginder
February Noel Vincent
March  Jason Colston
April  Terry Lowry
May  Rev. George McGavern
June Tom Vogt
July Donald Campbell
August Tamara Laroux
September Tad Bodeman
October Bruce Hillegeist
November Paul Marshall & David Maulsby


January John Rudinger
February Pat Durham
March Frank Pena
April Wadea Asous
May Paul Marshsall
June Donna Willingham
July Lori Klein Quinn
August Marty Lisk
September Lyle Hurst
November Denny Hair
December Clayton Bice


January Tom McEntire

February Andrew Schreck

March Darren Shearer

April Jimmy Adams

May Kevin Dunagan

June Kingdom Dog Ministries
July Charlie Fogerty

August Philip Pirtle

September Tom Oliverson

October Judge Lincoln Goodwin

November Brad Larson

December Mike Roth


January James R. Boy
February Dougal A. Cameron

March Doctor Patricia Ryan
April Richard (Ricky) R. Arnold
May Dr. Jan Lohmeyer
June Kenneth A. Bitgood

July Martin Dale

August James W. Mehrmann

September Franklin W. Mayo

October Lee Strobel
November Dr. Jan Lohmeyer
December Special Panel Discussion:
Experiences and Insights as Christians in the Workplace
Jim Adams, Jack Frey, Paul Pizzi and moderated by Lori Klein


January George Pollard
February David Shormann
March Michael C. Lyle

April Jimenez Bailey
May Dan Sullebbarger
June Tavares Coleman

July Hank Hough
August Mark Cadwallader

September Roger Sigler

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October Melvin Adams

November Danny Walker
December Mickey G. Culpepper


January Peter Roussel
February Andrew Steinke
March Keith Field
April Dr. Joe Wall
May Ben Keating
June Fred Caldwell
July Jeff & Sandra Presnal
August Mary Beth Gaertner
September Paul Marshall
October Doug McCary
November Scott Zbylot
December Tamara Laroux


January Larry Dierker
February Andrew Steinke
March Greg Mather
April Chad Hedrick
May Phill Wilke
June Hank Hough
July Dr. David Shormann
August John McStravick
September David Lumpkins
October Ted Poe
November Neil Frank
December Jim Nutt


January Chief Robert S. Hauck
February Jeff Moseley
March Leah Pullin
April Doug McCary
May Michael Turner
June Donald Campbell
July Hank Hough
August Greg Tyler
September Rick Brown
October Bob Goshen
November Dave Welch
December Stewart Morris


January Tom Knudson
February Ron Hinn
March Matt Mettauer
April Dave Rathkamp
May Archie W. Dunham
June Robert N. Weinberger, Ph.D
August Howard Mitchell
September Rick Brown
October David Weber
November Mike Barber
December Michael Turner


January Dr. Michael Lindsay
February David Weekley
March Mark Carr
April Pr. Wayne Graumann
May Dr. Wallace Henley
June J.R. "Jack" Frey
July Hank Hough
August Sonny Howard
September Jim Herrington
October Terry Lowry
November Joel Bode
December Cindy Brannon


January George Lindahl
February Jerry Wiles
March Robert Phillips
April Andy Vickery
May Don White
June Bob Smiley
July Hank Hough
October Lester Hutson
November Dr. Neil Frank
December Steven R. Nagel


January Teen Challenge
February David Welch
March Mark Cole
April Jeff Springer
May Randy Rose
June Bobby Croft
July Leah Pullin
August Jim Foote
September David Sumlin
October Rev. Kay Johnson
November Rick Davis
December Cherie Long


January Paul Friedman
February Dr. Glenn Wilkerson
March Jim Adams and Joe Thomas
April Richard White
May Hank Hough
June Larry Alford
July Doug Long
August Corbin Van Arsdale
September DiAnn Mills
October Dean Unsicker
November Ron Cummings
December Doug McCary


January Jennifer Sands
March Robert Winter
April T. W. Hunt
May Gene Pemberton
June Mike Riddle
July Nathan Ingram
August Jackie Barnes, LCSW, MBA
September Lael Arlington
October Fire Chief Randy Parr
Red Cross Director Sandra Gage
Pastor Herman Evans
November Pastor Dick Lintelman
December Share God's Work in Your Lives in 2005!


January Fred Caldwell
February Coach Joe Curl
March The Honorable John Devine
April The Honorable Scott Brister
May Bruce Munsterman
June Paul Michna
July Chuck Watson
August Pastor Wayne Graumann
September Rebecca Nix
October Kristen Scanlon
November George Martinez