costco premier protein recall

North American residents only. I have been drinking these shakes since my gastric sleeve procedure which was in 2013. I have been buying these protein drinks for months and I also turned my sister into them. They will also ask you to send some of the defective ones back (Again free of charge). Thank you, Please add me to this class against PREMIER NUTRITION CORPORATION PROTEIN SHAKES. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM Please add my name to the list. Please add me We belong to Weight Watchers and they suggest you buy Premier drinks so my husband and myself go through about 3 18 count a month. Include me in on the class action. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM I have some boxes waiting to go in the fridge. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I purchased because of its “high protein”. I still faithfully drink them twice a day. Congratulations to everyone who filed a valid claim and got PAID! I have purchased these since my gastric bypass please add me. Now what??? I am a senior on a fixed income, too. I’ve been using these shakes everyday since 2016. Well I agree it’s not a huge difference in protein. Mine took a day. Let’s take a quick look at foods carried at Costco that have been recalled, including a popular snack (No. Protein needs range from 0.4 to 0.6 grams of protein per pound of weight a day (that would be 64 to 96 grams per day for a 160-pound person). Which I’ve supplement by drinking Premier Protein shakes starting March of 2017 until now. Non-Food Recall & Product Notice Archive. I sent the documentation in last year. I drink these daily and don’t feel the need to run after a check at all, noone was harmed. I use at least one protein drink for extra nutrition. Thank you, Add me to I drink protein shakes every month. ... Premier Protein Strawberries and Cream Shake 18 × 325 mL. click on “click here” above to file a claim, Add me please I have bought several I drink 2 a day and have for two years now. It was impossible to incorporate it into the drink that poured out of the carton. I bet hardly any of you are serious enough for it to even make a difference. These nutrients are vitamins, minerals, protein, dietary fiber, or potassium. how do i get added to the list i drink those and musle milk. Please add me. I guess I should have added more protein. I have been drinking these every since 10/2012 after having a left knee replacement and my last purchase was August 2018 don’t have receipts from Sam’s Club here in Daytona Beach can I still get refunded . I drank these shakes. I was wondering why she got the information about the action suit and I didn’t? Today is the first I have heard about this lawsuit. I LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT .THIS HoW CAN I FILES A CAim, My husband has been doing these shakes for 18months and would like to know how we can file a claim. I’m ok I’d 26.9 grams in their minimum content and they advertise 30. I purchased this product all the time. I drink at least 4 a day. Some health food stores have small samples to try. No wonder companies up and leave the US. Sucks bc I miss them. I drank them for 2 years, once a day. Please add my name to this lawsuit. However, this can result in some functions no longer being available. What difference does that shortage of protein make? RXBAR has announced a voluntary recall on several of their protein bars due to an undeclared peanut allergen. I actually have some sitting on my countertop right now. 1. I dont have my receipt, however I do have several drinks in my fridge. is_redirect && ! Please add me to this class action against PREMIER NUTRITION CORPORATION PROTEIN SHAKES case 1:17-cv-05987 .

Please add me. I have bought mine from Sams and Walmart, I don’t have the receipts. I’m sorry that it has on there that it is 30 grams of protein, maybe it should say that there is over 25 grams of protein. My son and I have been drinking premier protein shakes for 4 years along with our regular diet for a protein supplement Please add us, This product was recommended 5 years ago when I had bariatric surgery. I actually liked the shakes. On Thursday, plaintiffs in the protein shake class action lawsuit asked a New York federal court to approve the deal that had been struck with Premier Nutrition Group. I did not get an email saying I wasn’t eligible, as they stated they would if no check was issued. I’ve been drinking these shakes for years. Gregorio is represented by Joseph I. Marchese, Philip L. Fraietta, L. Timothy Fisher and Fredrick J. Klorczyk III of Bursor & Fisher PA, Nick Suciu III of Barbat Mansour & Suciu PLLC and Anne Barker of Consumer Law Group PC. Welcome to Costco Wholesale videos. Please add me. Appeals Court Denies Harvest Rock Church Request for Emergency Relief, Judge Shuts Down Indianapolis Bars’ Challenge of COVID Restrictions, Consumers Concerned About Food Allergies File Class Action Lawsuit Against Whole Foods, Ace Hotel Chicago Faces Data Privacy Class Action Lawsuit, Class Action Lawsuit Says Ancestry Shows Yearbook Photos Without Consent, Energizer AA MAX Batteries Allegedly Not As Long-Lasting As Advertised, Mercedes to Reimburse for Peeling Paint Defect Under Class Action Settlement, Consumer Class Action Lawsuit & Settlement News, Coronavirus Legal News & Class Action Lawsuits, California Mortgage Lender Consumer Protection. Please add me as I have my receipts of proof. Please add me. I knew something was wrong when out local Sam’s club (the only affordable option for this public school employee) stopped getting them in. Have one a day of eacj, Your email address will not be published. How am I able to be added?

Something has changed in the formula and I’m just wondering if anybody else has had any problems at all. Costco said they are offering full refunds to customers who have purchased any Premier Shakes and have experienced this issue and were dissatisfied. Please add me, I have been drinking premier protein drinks since July 2017. Hope it’s coming. Add me too, my son drinks these all of the time! :/, I called the company and you will be able to get the flavored protein shakes on 3/32/2019. How does Premier Protein intend to correct the problem? I am very disappointed. Now im switching to a cheaper brand. Customer Service; CA (expand to select country/region) Select country/region: United States. I have bought a ton of this protein shake. I too was in costco this afternoon looking at shakes.I was tempted to buy them but decided I should try a smaller pack first.